Sunday Service 10.30am

All Sunday services at 10.30am, led by the Congregation with visiting preachers from the Unitarian Movement & guest speakers from other faiths and philosophies, all followed by refreshments in the hall: please do join us!
Our services consist of singing hymns, listening to readings from faiths and philosophies from around the world, listening to live and pre-recorded music, prayers, time of meditation and social interaction.
We decorate the church for harvest, Christmas and spring time.
Every service is started by someone lighting the chalice and saying a few short words, a reading, poem or a thought for the day.
On the first Sunday of the month we have our altar offering, where a member of the community brings an object that has meaning to them and shares a little about it.
On the third Sunday of the month we have a regular feature of ‘Candles of Joy and Concern’ where we take a moment in the service to invite people to share a joy or concern and light a candle.

For the latest Sunday Service times see the Service times page.