Naming Ceremonies

Our Celebrants or visiting Ministers conduct the naming ceremony. Our church follows the Unitarian tradition which lays emphasis on thanksgiving for the birth, thanksgiving for the child’s parents, and the giving of the names to the child. We call such ceremonies Namings and Thanksgivings for the Birth of a Child. We also seek a blessing for the child and family, thereby adding a spiritual dimension to the occasion.

The service is open and inclusive, sharing stories from around the world and different faiths about welcoming new life into the world. We encourage interaction, inviting the children to take part in the ceremony and blessing the water. There is also a chance for the Godparents/Sponsors to show their support by repeating some short responses. Water is used for the naming and a certificate for the child is presented to the family, signed by the Celebrant and Sponsors/Godparents. Music on CD is played before and after the ceremony. There is a chance for photos during and after the ceremony as well.

The current fee for a Naming Ceremony is £150.
Bookings are quickly filling for 2018.

Naming Ceremonies are popular at John Pounds Church and bookings are often made well in advance so, to avoid disappointment, the earlier you can make contact the better. 

WE CAN HOLD PROVISIONAL DATES FOR 1 WEEK ONLY. If you call or email requesting a date to be pencilled in, due to the high demand for Naming Ceremonies we can keep this date for 1 week only. We conduct ceremonies for one family only so they get booked up very quickly. Within 1 week you’ll need to have returned a completed booking form and paid the fee to secure the booking.

If you have any questions about naming ceremonies, please don’t hesitate to contact the church office on